Amadeus Releases New C Series Speaker Systems

May 2018

Designed by Amadeus, the new C Series is a high-definition series of point source speaker systems combining Amadeus’ deepest innovation and technology. Initially designed and manufactured specifically for the Paris-based Théâtre National de Chaillot (Chaillot National Theater), which houses the most prestigious dance and theater companies from Europe and throughout the world, the C Series (‘C’ is a tribute to Chaillot) is Amadeus’ latest speaker innovation.

The C Series comprises two different models, with plans for other models in a near future. The C12 is based on a 2-way point source transducer featuring a 12-inch woofer, and a 1.75-inch driver. The C15 is based on a 3-way point source transducer featuring a 15-inch woofer. The C 15 also features two neodymium diaphragm compression HF drivers, coaxially mounted with a single acoustical output, and coupled to an individual waveguide. Both models include a unique diffraction horn, each is specific and optimized to get a vertical dispersion of 60° and a horizontal dispersion of 90°, which can be inverted by rotating the system 90-degrees. This type of load ensures a perfectly uniform coverage and an excellent spectral quality throughout the whole listening area.

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La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris Upgrades to Amadeus DIVA M² Speakers

March 2018

Amadeus has announced the install of the company’s newest array speaker, the DIVA M², at the prestigious Paris Gaîté Lyrique Theater digital arts and modern music center. Initially equipped by Amadeus for the theater’s 2011 re-opening with the company’s EtherSound-enabled speakers, DIVA XS and XL Series, among other Amadeus models, La Gaîté Lyrique decided to upgrade its Front of House speaker system in the facility’s Large Hall and naturally has chosen the newest Amadeus DIVA M² array speakers (pronounced ‘M Squared’). Along with the fourteen DIVA M² loudspeakers, Amadeus has also installed four new DIVA M² SUB bass complements, paired with Lab.gruppen amplifiers and LAKE controllers.

The Large Hall performance space at the theater features a 750-person standing capacity (with over 300 seats), an adjustable stage with multiple heights, configurations and surfaces, and 46 independent visual screens spread out over the four sides of the room to create a total immersion experience for the audience. The Large Hall includes telescopic tiers of bleachers for seating, which can be folded away sideways. Projection screens can be mounted at various levels on any of the four walls, and a large variety of audience and stage setups can be accommodated.

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Amadeus Installs a 3D Sound System for the Xi’an Incident Re-creation in China

September 2017

Amadeus has announced a 50-speaker install with ‘3D Sound’ control. The sound system compliments twenty 30-foot giant ‘soft LED’ screens and performances of 700 actors in China’s first live event dramatizing the historical 1938 ‘Xi'an Incident’ – which is credited to have created modern China. The State-run theater is located in the exact location where the ‘Xi'an Incident’ happened. Amadeus worked with its distributor, Guangzhou Sign King ET Co., Ltd., Swiss-based company Sonic Emotion, and British manufacturer of digital mixing consoles DiGiCo to design and install the sound setup within the massive new building.

The ‘Xi'an Incident’ live show relates to (…) the kidnapping of the Chinese leader Chiang Kai-shek while visiting disaffected Manchurian troops at Xi'an. Chiang was captured by conspirators headed by Zhang Xueliang, who attempted to force him to give up his campaign against the communists and lead a national war against the Japanese, who had occupied Manchuria in 1931. After Chiang had refused to accede to their demands, the communists, headed by Zhou Enlai, also became involved in the negotiations and eventually Chiang was released, having promised to take a more active role against the Japanese and to allow local autonomy to the communists. Zhang Xueliang was imprisoned by Chiang, but the incident led to limited cooperation between the communists and the Kuomintang against the Japanese, as described by the Oxford University Press, a department of the University of Oxford.

Amadeus delivered the best solutions, both in terms of products and services, matching the design constraints and goals that the Show Director’ expectations. The audience also expects a lot from a sound system and AVLS combined everything as a whole, states Wymen Wong, of Guangzhou Sign King ET Co., Ltd.

The setup's complexity, as well as its artistic dimension, implied dual implications for Amadeus, both material and immaterial, offering a savoir-faire, an expertise, more than just offering well-developed speakers. Amadeus’ legitimacy stems from the prestigious legacy gained in the professional audio world over the last 25 years. Our long list of users includes many of the greatest sound engineers, composers, mixers and producers in France, states Gaetan Byk, Marketing Manager at Amadeus.

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New ‘La Seine Musicale’ Complex in Paris Features Amadeus Speaker Systems

August 2017

The recently opened La Seine Musicale music complex just outside Paris’ center is a marvel of performance spaces. Amadeus was chosen to equip the two main concert halls of the Seine Musicale building complex with their specially developed speaker systems. As the sole speaker manufacturer chosen for the momentous project, Amadeus also installed their speakers in multiple rehearsal spaces throughout the new music center.

La Seine Musicale is a large-scale cultural public infrastructure, over 36,000 square meters, committed to host every type of musical performance. The building houses two main concert halls, five recording studios, and several rehearsal spaces - the main ‘Auditorium’ has seating for 1,150 guests. This hall is the symbol and the signature of the building with acoustics designed by acousticians Nagata Acoustics and Jean-Paul Lamoureux, and features a speaker system custom designed by Amadeus.

Mickael Dinant, the head of the Scenography Department and Concert Halls Construction at Bouygues Construction, elaborates on the particular electro-acoustical challenges of the new sound system install : We attached a great importance to the equipment reliability, performance, and flexibility for the Auditorium and the Grande Seine. These aspects were very challenging, and the modularity as well, because we had to be able to change from one configuration to another, very quickly and easily. In this sense, the manufacturer’s involvement, as well as their professional integrity, were key aspects to guarantee a final result matching the Seine Musicale’s goal, of both prestige and ambition.

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Amadeus Installs Massive Dante-Enabled Speaker System for ACT Center in South Korea

January 2017

Amadeus has announced the install of a massive speaker system, featuring the newly-released PMX 12 D self-powered active speakers, within a new multi-disciplinary institution, the Arts & Creative Technology Center (ACT), in Gwangju, South Korea. ACT Center puts Gwangju, at the forefront of global art, design, and culture dialogue.

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Amadeus Designs Acoustics and Monitoring Systems for Philharmonie de Paris’ Studios

November 2016

While Amadeus is well known as a high-end professional audio products designer and manufacturer for sound reinforcement systems and studio monitors, the Company also runs ‘Amadeus Labs’, an acoustics-specialized research and consulting unit. Managed by acoustician Michel Deluc, co-founder and R&D Manager for Amadeus brands, Amadeus Labs recently re-designed both of the prestigious Philharmonie de Paris concert hall’s studio control rooms and their main monitoring system.

Amadeus Labs collaborated with the studio’s sound engineers, while continuing to work alongside Jean Nouvel, the Philharmonie de Paris’ very well-known architect and designer. Amadeus Labs works with various customers, including mixing and mastering studios, composers, concert halls, research centres, and many other institutions, to create specialized acoustical environments, often also utilizing Amadeus speakers. Jean Nouvel co-designed the recently released Amadeus ‘Philharmonia’ speakers with Amadeus.

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Chaillot National Theater Adopts 3D Sound

November 2016

French speaker manufacturer Amadeus, has announced the install of a ‘3D Sound’ system within Paris’ Chaillot National Theater. Along with Solid State Logic (SSL), the companies joined forces to design a one-of-a-kind electro-acoustic sound reinforcement system for the theater, which is one of the most historical and prestigious in France. The Chaillot National Theater’s new 3D Sound system has already been used in the production of original contemporary dance productions featuring choreographers, dancers and actors including, Olivia Ruiz, Jean-Claude Gallotta, Carolyn Carlson, Aesoon Ahn, Antony Hamilton, José Montalvo, Thomas Lebrun, and Rocio Molina.

As the sound reinforcement system used in the Jean Vilar hall (1270 seats) was due to be replaced, Amadeus imagined a solution that would go beyond the limits of traditional technologies such as stereo, 5.1 multichannel format, or any conventional speaker system. The implemented solution uses the Wave Field Synthesis (WFS) technology. Like visual holograms, this ‘holophonic’ process captures or creates a sound stage by preserving spatial information: the distance and direction of the sound sources used.

This technique allows to replicate the sound field’s physical properties. Wherever they are in the theater, the listener keeps a coherent perception of the sources’ localization, explains Marc Piera, Chaillot National Theater’s Sound Department Manager.

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Amadeus Launches New PMX D Series Speakers

April 2016

Amadeus has announced the launch of the PMX D Series self-powered active speakers. The new speaker design features built-in 24/96 DSP, and Analog, AES3 and Dante inputs. With three different models, containing 8, 12 or 15-inch coaxial drivers, the PMX D Series is perfectly adapted to sound reinforcement applications in concert halls, auditoriums, conference rooms and theaters. Designed to be included within fixed or long-lasting installations, each PMX speaker system can also be used in touring applications as a stage monitor.

The heart of every PMX D Series system is its coaxial neodymium transducer, combining the features of the best cone speakers and compression drivers into a one-piece, point-source solution. Each transducer is specifically designed in accordance with the highest technical standards, resulting in uniform angular coverage and high acoustical load, optimized to reduce all forms of distortion and coloration, at all input levels.

We were among the first manufacturers of electroacoustical equipment to look into audio transfers over Internet Protocol. We are committed to minimizing latency as well as unnecessary AD/DA conversions that impact signal quality. This started ten years ago, the year we wrapped up development of our first line of bi-amped coaxial systems featuring EtherSound I/O, which was designed for the French Institute for Research and Coordination Acoustic/Music. The technological gains offered by the Dante protocol and its widespread adoption by professionals led us to consider its implementation within our systems, says Michel Deluc, Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development

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Amadeus Philharmonia Speakers Co-designed by Jean Nouvel Now Shipping

October 2015

Unveiled as a ‘concept-speaker’ during the last Frankfurt Prolight + Sound and Munich High End Society trade shows, the Philharmonia is a very high definition monitoring system combining innovation and technology, with style, and a pristine sonic character. The new speakers were initially created specifically for the Philharmonie de Paris recording and mastering studios, which were built to capture performances by the world’s most prestigious symphonic orchestras. The new speakers were designed by Michel Deluc, Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development, along with world-renown architect Jean Nouvel, who designed the new Philharmonie de Paris concert hall.

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Amadeus Speakers Featured Throughout New Philharmonie de Paris Music Complex

March 2015

The newly opened Philharmonie de Paris, a state-of-the-art building complex designed to host international symphonic ensembles, including the Orchestre de Paris, features Amadeus speakers throughout each of the many musical venue spaces, from the Large Rehearsal Space with public seating, to Practice Rooms, to the Grande Auditorium and the Music Exhibition and Conference Rooms, plus the two on-site recording studios. Amadeus speakers used in the project include various sizes of its DIVA, PMX, ML, and MINITRI Series, with over 50 Amadeus speakers installed in the landmark building complex.

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Amadeus Speakers Installed in South Korean Congress’ National Assembly Hall

December 2014

Through the diligent work of their South Korean distributor, Marshall Pro Sound, Inc., Amadeus speakers are now the centerpiece of sound for the Korean Congress in the general assembly hall within the National Assembly Hall building, located in the heart of the country’s capital of Seoul.

During the past 10 years sound requirements for the entire The National Assembly building have been managed by Marshall Pro Sound, Inc. Because of the general assembly hall's environment, the new system required both large hanging speakers and very compact yet high SPL speakers at the podiums.

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Question de Son (QDS) Studios in Paris Choose Amadeus for Acoustic Design and Custom Monitor Speakers

November 2014

When researching how to capture the much sought-after sound and vibes of classic 1970’s studios, Question de Son owners Jordan Kouby and Frederic Vectol reached out to Amadeus for both the acoustic design and custom studio monitors for both Studio A and Studio B.

The team at Amadeus, led by designer Michel Deluc, satisfied all their needs. Question de Son is now one of the most respected studios in France, and a 'favorite Paris recording studio'. The two pairs of custom Amadeus monitors feature dual 15-inch low frequency woofers, a 3-inch mid range and a 1.5-inch Beryllium tweeter, with 4,000 watts of tri-amped power – 2,000 watts of that assigned to the dual low frequency drivers.

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Amadeus Installs Massive Custom-Designed Speaker System for French National Museum of Natural History in Paris

October 2014

At the French National Museum of Natural History in Paris, September saw the 20th anniversary re-opening of the updated Great Gallery of Evolution space featuring an install of site-specific custom-designed Amadeus speakers.

The museum install features an assortment of Amadeus speaker and sub-woofer models to offer the public a Hi-Fi audio experience throughout the vast museum. Merging Technologies, Solid State Logic and Flux also added key ingredients to the new museum install to control the Amadeus speakers.

Amadeus’ Director of Research & Development, Michel Deluc, and designer Bernard Byk, created completely new speaker and subwoofer configurations for the massive, over 180-speaker, sound system install at the National Museum of Natural History. The new speaker design has extended the Amadeus PMX Series with a super-compact 4-inch coaxial driver model, the PMX 4.

Bernard Byk and Michel Deluc also designed two new compact sub-woofers specifically for the install, the ML 8, and the ML 12 SLIM, with 8-inch and 12-inch drivers respectively. The ML 8 is the smallest of the Amadeus ML Series of subwoofers; likewise the PMX 4 is the smallest of its series. Custom-made product manufacturing, solving acoustical or technical issues, and addressing market demands, are all strong traditions at Amadeus, and the large and complex Museum of Natural History install is an excellent example.

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